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Message from the principal

Dear Parents,

A successful school depends a great deal upon the co-operation between parents and teachers and I want to thank all the families who send their children to the AFEEL for the help that they give to the school. I believe that the AFEEL is a happy and hardworking community precisely because of this close relationship that exists between the teachers, parents and children.

During the past years we have made several improvements and developments in the AFEEL. We started with the opening of the pre-school and kindergarten sections in separate premises on Avenue Kasai. This has provided space in the main school and given the teachers in the pre-school and kindergarten more freedom to create a lively and stimulating environment for the youngest of our students.

In the main school building on Avenue Du Musée we have set up a new computer laboratory in one of the classrooms, which has eight computers with internet facility. All grades now have sessions in ICT and typing lessons using interactive, self correcting programmes. Subject teachers are able to hold their classes in the computer lab in order to use internet resources to aid their teaching.

During this academic year, we have added music lessons to the programme. While the lessons have been limited to only singing up until now, we are in the process of buying a selection of musical instruments that will broaden the scope of this subject in the coming year.

We are confident that the school can continue to grow and develop. In September, we will be adding Grade IX to the school so that pupils can begin to study subjects in preparation for the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education. We will be hiring extra specialist teachers as we move into this new work. The International and Overseas programmes administered by the Cambridge University Examination Syndicate in England are renowned throughout the English speaking world and are in every way comparable and equal to the qualification earned in Britain. They provide a solid basis for further study at an Advanced Level which is the university qualification.

Thank you again for placing your confidence in us in maintaining the AFEEL as an English speaking school in Lubumbashi. I look forward to our collaboration in the new school year 2013-2014.

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