Enabling Children To Reach Their Full Potential



The Academy For English Education of Lubumbashi (AFEEL) seeks to offer an excellent all-round education for each student. This education will be in accordance with the spirit emanating from the principles of love for our neighbour, affection for one’s country and the full enjoyment of youthful pleasures within the useful environment of learning and character development.


  • To provide a sound general education of high standard for students throughout pre-school age to university entrance.
  • To enable the students to appreciate the cultural and scientific achievements of our times.
  • To provide students with an all-round, excellent education. For this purpose, the Academy will offer a choice of subjects, which will qualify them for entry into universities anywhere in the world and for gainful employment.
  • To provide students with a supportive learning environment. This will enable every student to achieve his/her maximum potential in all spheres - Intellectual, Physical, Social and Emotional.
  • To develop awareness and a mind-set of service; both within the Academy and the Congolese society and also within the environment in general. This will help our students become useful citizens of the Republic and of the world.

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