Enabling Children To Reach Their Full Potential




A healthy mind is a healthy body
Although many of us often quote Roman poet and satirist Juvenal who stated the above, we still neglect to actually follow this philosophy in our lives. At AFEEL, games and sports help students develop good levels of physical fitness and learn the very important lessons of team work and fair play.


Art classes help students use their imagination and develop their creative abilities.  Through the use of a variety of mediums, students become capable of translating ideas and concepts into tangible objects and images. Art and its associated topic, design, will help students appreciate countless cultures and their riches.


Music helps in expressing emotions and ideas through sound and rhythm. This is one way of exploring who we are and what we think and feel. Through song, recorded music and composition, students can explore a wide variety of cultures and traditions.


Drama is an expressive form that helps students develop their use of language, their understanding of character and the representation of a wide variety of human situations. It can be used to represent their own feelings and reactions to the world around them as well as reinforce many topics studied in English Literature.  

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