Enabling Children To Reach Their Full Potential


“Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire”

- W.B. Yeats

The Academy For English Education of Lubumbashi

The Academy For English Education of Lubumbashi (AFEEL) is based in the city of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The AFEEL desires to be an affordable English school.

This institute will also benefit those parents who wish to educate their children in English even if it isn’t their first language.

God made each one of us UNIQUE. Accordingly, the AFEEL strives not only to instruct but also look after the all-round development of each child.

  • Intellectually: Enhancing and improving knowledge of the world as well as helping students develop the skills to enter into a competitive world.
  • Socially: Developing their sensibility and awareness of the needs of others and preparing them to live in an ever-changing society.
  • Emotionally: Nurturing and guiding the psychological development of the students all through the years from childhood to adulthood.
  • Physically: The AFEEL considers our students’ physical development as important as and even linked to their intellectual development.


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